About Us

We get it, life is better when partnered with a great horse!

That is why we have made it our mission to help you Find the Ride of Your Life! We accomplish this through our unique trust-based training program that equips our equine partners with the tools to be well-rounded, versatile, and ready for any situation they could encounter.

The Team

Our team is motivated to be the best we can be! We strive to be excellent horsemen and humans. It is our priority to create and help match you with your dream horse!

Kevin & Marybeth Raber

Since before he could walk you could find Kevin horseback. From a young age, he knew he wanted to follow in his grandpa's and father's footsteps and start a horse business of his own. Marybeth also had an ambition from a young age to be a better horseman and grow in her knowledge. This eventually led them to meeting, getting married, and starting Diamond K. Using their God-given talents and strong horsemanship-based program they place great emphasis on creating well-rounded, well-minded horses that are ready for any challenge. They truly enjoy getting to meet so many wonderful people from all over America and being able to truly get to know their customers and help them find the perfect horse to match them


  • 2019 Horseman's Mission Colt Starting Champion
  • 2019 Missouri Mules Makeover 3rd Place
  • 2020 Iowa Reserve Champion Colt Starting Competition
  • 2021 Congress Freestyle Reining 3rd Place
  • 2022 Horseman's Mission Colt Starting Champion
  • 2022 Congress Freestyle Reining Champion
  • 2022 Premier Horse Sales Best of Texas trainer of the year
  • 2020 Iowa Champion Colt Starting Competition
  • 2022 Run for the Million Qualifier
  • Numerous winnings at Local ranch, reining and trail riding shows

Why Diamond K?

There are so many horses for sale, so many different trainers, what makes Diamond K unique?

  • Our horses are carefully selected for soundness, Training, and personality. We provide them with the best possible care and training
  • Our training program is focused on building well-rounded horses. We show them, use them for ranch work, and trail riding, and work them in the arena and outdoors so that they are accustomed to anything you might do with them. Rather than turning out tired non focused and de-sensitized horses, we focus on building trust-based partnerships that will carry you both safely through any scenario you may encounter with the horse of your dreams.
  • We are proud of the horses we offer, and we promise to never bring anything but the best we can!
  • We strive to ensure the horse and rider are the perfect fit, we highly encourage all potential buyers to come meet us, and the horses, and take them for a test ride
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